Belwood Charge

Our Church is a part of a three point United Methodist charge. The other two churches are Kadesh UMC  and Knob Creek UMC  ( Our minister serves all three churches which is why our schedules may vary. We are part of the Catawba Valley District of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Many of our activities are held in conjunction with these sister churches. There is a close relationship between our three churches and we have always worked together well to make our charge function as one unit housed in three different buildings.

There are also quite a few activities that we do in conjunction with other churches in our community.

Historical Statement of the Belwood Charge 1957

The Belwood Charge has accomplished a commendable step in the progress of the charge in the erection of the attractive, ranch style brick veneer Parsonage. Many things indirectly had an influence in the building of the new Parsonage, but one thing that directly influenced the undertaking was the division of the Charge. Until June of 1957, Belwood Charge was composed of six churches, the largest Methodist Charge in the Gastonia District, and one of the largest in the Western North Carolina Methodist Conference. Three churches were in Lincoln County: David’s Chapel, Hebron and Laurel Hill; three were in Cleveland County: Kadesh, Knob Creek and St. Peter’s. At the Conference in June of 1957, two Charges were made out of the six churches, dividing by the county line. Toluca Charge was created from the three Lincoln County Churches, and the three Cleveland County Churches kept the name “Belwood Charge” and formed a new charge.

Toluca Charge collected their investment in the Old Belwood Parsonage on Jan, 15. 1957. which amounted to $2700.00 and purchased the Jesse Houser home and 21 acres of land for $10,000.00, anticipating (him coming of their new minister at the June Conference. Rev. Charlie Grant was appointed to the Toluca Charge and Fred A. Hill was returned to the new Belwood Charge.

When it was definitely known that Kadesh, Knob Creek, and St. Peter’s would form a new Charge in June of 1957, interest grew stronger and stronger for the building of a new parsonage, somewhere nearer the three churches. For years the Parsonage had been located in Fallston, three or four miles from the nearest church. If a new Parsonage was to be built, four major jobs lay ahead. Choosing a building site, erecting the new parsonage, disposing of the old parsonage, and furnishing the new Parsonage. Committees were set up in Jan. of 1957 and the Charge moved steadily toward their goals. A Planning Committee studied the needs of a modern parsonage, visited a number of new parsonages, drew rough plans, and finally after agreeing on a suitable plan, submitted the plan to Contractor Archie White, who gave freely of his time to draw a blueprint. That blueprint, with minor changes, was the one used in the construction of the parsonage. A Locations Committee considered sites, and the one finally agreed on was given by Mrs. J. W. Bracket! and J. W. Brackett, Jr. located on the Brackett Farm on the West side of Highway 18, one-half mile North of the Kadesh Church Road. Frank Earwood and his wife who own a lot adjoining the parsonage lot traded a corner of their lot to the Charge for a corner of the parsonage lot. improving the shape of both. A Building Committee under the chairmanship of Everette Lutz, took over the erection of the Parsonage and submitted blue prints to a number of contractors for bids. On Aug. 15th, the low bid of $16,150.00 by Paul Hamrick was accepted. Kemp Sain furnished a bulldozer and Sam Sain and Jack Boyles leveled the lot and pushed out the basement. Crotts Brothers dug a well and Mr. Hamrick took it from there and began work on the foundation, planning to have the building completed by Dec. 1, 1957. The Parsonage Trustees made their plans to dispose of the old Parsonage in Fallston. They advertised the parsonage for sale al public Auction on Sept.28th. A top bid of $7,000.00 by Helms was rejected. Tommy Wellman, who was present on the day of the sale but did not make a bid,’ returned on Sept. 30th and made a private hid of $10,00000 for the house  and lot, and $100.00 for the Venetian blinds and drapes. The bid was accepted and the deed was transferred to the Wellmans, but the Charge retained possession until Dec. 1st.

Progress of the construction was slowed down by a lot of wet weather, but by the end of November, Mr. Hamrick and his sub-contractors were putting the finishing touches on the building. The Furnishings Committee decided, which of the old furnishings should he discarded or reconditioned, and which should be reserved for the new parsonage. Those things, which were not deemed necessary, were stored in Flay Willis’ storage building, to be used in the Floyd Hallman House, if needed. A new bedroom suite, a dining room table and breakfront, several chairs and various other things were purchased for parsonage. The Pastor’s family moved into the parsonage on Dec. 2. 1957. All that have had a part in the building of the new Belwood Charge Parsonage join in saying; “We come today to this service of Dedication grateful for any opportunity that we have had to serve in this impressive venture, and thankful that God’s Spirit has been with us to give us guidance and, inspiration.”


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